Managed Service Benefits Example

Avoid an IT Downtime Nightmare

IT Technicians Working on a Failed ServerManaged services offer companies of all sizes a way to take charge of their IT systems at a fixed cost. Spending anything on IT is often seen as an afterthought, but the potential risks of a total network failure far outweigh the price of utilizing Cybernetic’s managed services.

How Much Can a System Failure Cost?

Understanding the costly risks of not signing up for managed services is best illustrated with an example. ACME Industries is a business employing 140 people. Its servers fail early in the morning and it takes an emergency IT technician two hours to arrive on site and six hours to get the system up and running. During this outage, employees have no access to their records, database or other electronic files.

Calculating the actual cost of this outage takes into account more than just the service technician’s hourly rate. We need to factor in the lost productivity of all 140 regular employees. Assume every individual normally spends 70% of their day in billable labor but, with the servers down, is limited to 30% productivity.

If the top 40 employees average hourly billable rate is $250 and the remaining 100 average $140 per hour, the effective billing rates are $175 and $98 when the server is up. At only 30% productivity, the workers are only generating $75 and $42 worth of billable labor per hour. The total amount of money the company loses for this eight hour outage is $76,800 plus the IT service technician’s fee.

Managed Services Prevent Catastrophic Downtime

If ACME Industries was taking advantage of Cybernetic’s managed services, our IT experts would have been on top of their server and network health, cutting off any problems before they caused a system-crashing disaster. By monitoring and assessing technology infrastructure, we know exactly what’s going on at any moment.

If something abnormal occurs, Cybernetic moves quickly to rectify the situation before it interrupts normal business operations. With a deep bench of talented individuals ranging from junior technicians all the way up to senior architects, Cybernetic has the right people to solve any IT problem.

Invest in Cybernetic’s managed services, available a la carte, proactive and fully outsourced, and protect yourself from expensive, unpredictable IT system failures. You’ll save time, money and untold frustration over fighting fires as they arise.

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