Engagement Approach (Project Phases)

IT Systems Implementation Project Phases

IT Planning ProcessCybernetic, the best business IT consulting firm, has a proven method of systems implementation ensuring our clients get the systems they want, engineered to their needs. Our four-phased IT systems implementation approach establishes benchmarks allowing both Cybernetic and our client to evaluate the project in development. This tiered methodology allows us to design the right business IT solution from the beginning, preventing costly rebuilds later on.


The Discovery phase involves all the preliminary planning required to design the best business IT solution for you company. Our IT consultants will establish the scope of the project, its goals and how its success will be evaluated. This phase also accounts for the realities of what it will take to build the IT system and creates a cost estimate and delivery schedule.


In the Definition stage, we’ll design a prototype of the desired system architecture as a proof of concept. The model includes test environments and labs to benchmark the prototype against the stresses it will face when the system goes live. Our IT consultants will address the project’s most significant risks and develop mitigation plans to resolve them.


Once the prototype IT solution is fully tested for functionality and approved by our client, Cybernetic will move into the Construction phase. Working versions of the final system are constructed and tested by IT professionals, ending with a product ready for real-world deployment.


Your new IT system is launched in the Delivery phase. Minor adjustments are made for user optimization based on real-world use and activity. Final analysis of the project’s goals are made to ensure customer satisfaction.

With your IT solution in place and live, your business can either take over responsibility for maintaining it or sign up for Cybernetic’s managed IT services. Cybernetic’s proven method of systems development has helped numerous businesses solve complex IT problems quickly and cost-effectively.

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